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Girasole Honey by Il Forteto - 250 gram
Bees make thick, sweet honey from the watery nectar they collect from flowers. Honey serves two purposes in the hive: to feed the young and to store as rations that will be consumed during the winter months. Much to the bees chagrin however, honey is an important part of the diet of several other animals, such as bears and badgers. We humans like it too, and have put it to many culinary uses over the years. It is thus no wonder why bees have poisonous stingers and ornery personalities. They are constantly defending their honey from others who find it quite irresistible!

Girasole (Sunflower) Honey has a delicate nutty essence and is medium yellow in color. This honey is not runny enough to pour, as it has a crystallized, butter-like consistency. It is particularly suited for spreading on bread or matzoh as a delicious snack after work or school.

  • No honey should be fed to infants 12 months or younger.