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Malagon with Rosemary
Malagon with Rosemary is a Spanish cheese made in the style of the Dénominacion de Origen (Spain's regulatory classification system for cheese, wines, and other goods), Manchego. It is produced in the La Mancha in Central Spain from 100% sheep's milk, just as Manchego and many other Spanish cheeses are. Sheep thrive on the dry, rocky terrain of Spain by grazing on the abundance of wild herbs that cover the countryside. Malagon with Rosemary combines one of the most prevalent herbs of the Spanish countryside, rosemary, with rich sheep's milk cheese. After a period of aging, the rosemary that is pressed into the rind imparts a wonderful flavor into the cheese. The herbs also lend the wheels a rustic, natural appearance.
  • Made from unpasteurized sheep's milk. The rind is rubbed with butter and rosemary.
  • Photo depicts whole 7 lb. form of cheese.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.