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Bari Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250ml
Bari Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed from California-grown Arbequina olives, giving it a medium bodied flavor with an alluring aroma. This smooth olive oil from Bari is appreciated for its ripe green olive flavor and peppery finish. Well balanced, Bari's Fruity variety will enhance your recipes with its distinct fruitiness yet not overwhelm the other flavors in your dish. It is great for everyday cooking, yet distinct enough to serve on its own as a dip for crusty bread. It is also perfect for grilling. Simply brush it all over your food before grilling or drizzle afterwards as a finishing touch. Its fruity flavor is a perfect complement to vinegar when used in dressings as well.

Bari is a fifth generation family business located in Central California, not far from Fresno. Current owners Kyle and Ryan Sawatzky continue to farm the family estate and strive to make sure every bottle of Bari Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of a premium quality. Unlike so many of today's mass produced olive oil brands, Bari is still made in small quantities from their locally grown olives. This produces a rich tasting, buttery olive oil that easily rivals the finest olive oil products Europe and the Middle East have to offer.

  • Gold Medal: California Olive Oil Council Competition