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Bari Flavor Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils - 250ml
Bari Flavor Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils start with quality EVOO pressed from California-grown Mission and Manzanilla olives. The oil is then infused with natural flavors from some of California's most prized crops. Whether you choose the savory goodness of Garlic, the spicy heat of Jalapeno or the smoky surprise of Chipotle, this infused elixir makes the ideal partner for dipping bread. Each is also an excellent oil for drizzling over your favorite side dish or entrée for an added burst of flavor.

Bari is a fifth generation family business located in Central California, not far from Fresno. Current owners Kyle and Ryan Sawatzky continue to farm the family estate and strive to make sure every bottle of Bari Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of a premium quality. Unlike so many of today's mass produced olive oil brands, Bari is still made in small quantities from their locally grown olives. This produces a rich tasting, buttery olive oil that easily rivals the finest olive oil products Europe and the Middle East have to offer.

  • Silver Medal: Central Coast Olive Oil Competition
  • Silver Medal: Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition