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LA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
More than 200 years ago, at the country estate of La Amarilla, near Ronda (Andalucía), an order of nuns began producing olive oil from the fruit of century-old trees. The oil from these groves, situated just outside one of the most beautiful and emblematic cities of Andalucía and Spain, has always been famous locally for its exceptional quality. The Gómez de Baeza family, current owners of La Amarilla, made the decision both to keep up the estate’s oil-making tradition and to begin selling its legendary oil for the first time. Shorting their name of La Amarilla, LA Organic was born in the 1990s. Historically the first LA Organic olive oils to be marketed, the packaging of LA Original was created by Philippe Starck using the traditional cans, regarded as the best way of preserving olive oil’s freshness and color. It could be compared to a vintage wine. The core product in the LA range, LA Original comes in two varieties:
  • Intense: LA Organic Intense demonstrates and energetic and agile palate, with notes of green tomato, apple and walnut. Its plainly bold and intense Spanish character derives from its peppery notes and agreeable aftertaste. Pressed from Arbequina and Picudo olives.
  • Suave (Smooth): LA Organic Suave possesses an exemplary elegance as well as harmony, freshness and an eminently fruity character with almond notes. The palate is smooth, with slight peppery hints that give it great personality. Pressed from Picual, Hojiblanca, and Arbequina olives
Varieties sold separately.

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