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9'80' Panama Gourmet Sauce
9°80° Sauces and Marinades are produced with ingredients locally grown in Panama for superbly balanced flavor, harmonized with unique fire. Their handcrafted recipes use only premium products and the freshest of ingredients for all-natural, gluten-free sauces. 9°80° believes in flavor, not heat, and that food should be enhanced and not hidden. Available in the following flavors:
  • Pineapple Coconut: The sweet, bright flavors of pineapple meet the tropical taste of coconut in this sweet-meets-heat sauce. Peppers and spices give a gentle but warming finish to each bite.
  • Smoky Chipotle: Imagine your favorite steak sauce, but with the bold, smoky flavors of Panama bringing intense and unexpected flavors to your favorite dishes. Rich, savory flavors meet the bold taste of chipotle in this delicious dipper.
  • Wild Cilantro: Wild Cilantro is a festive blend of jalapeno peppers and fresh wild cilantro with a splash of lime. This lively sauce is full flavored and will make your dishes pop!
  • Picante Panama: This is the sauce that began it all! Fiery habanero peppers are blended with 9°80°'s signature spices to create a flavorful and addicting sauce that will bring out the best in whatever dish you add it to.
  • Garlic Mustard Habanero: This thick sauce is packed with tangy mustard, roasted garlic, and intense habanero peppers to deliver a vibrant and can't-get-enough taste.
Varieties sold separately.

Gluten Free.

Out of Stock Varieties:Picante Panama, Garlic Mustard Habanero