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Guatemala Antigua Los Volcanes Whole Bean
This Genuine Antigua Los Volcanes is a brand that represents the world renowned Antigua coffee region and has been a standard in the industry since 1952. The Antigua valley is one of Guatemala’s oldest and best-known coffee growing regions. The valley’s volcanoes and shallow water table create a dry micro-climate with low humidity, lots of sun and long, cool nights. The coffee region of Antigua is an enclosed valley formed by three volcanoes — the Agua, Acatenango and Fuego. With a flat or gently sloping terrain, it is unlike the other, more rugged coffee growing regions of Guatemala. Most of the coffee trees are planted on the valley floor, which is at 1,500 metres Above Sea Level (ASL), and some farmers cultivate the slopes of the volcanoes up to 1,700 metres ASL. "Los Volcanes" are a collection of small farms 40km away from the main city of Antigua. This year’s harvest leapt to our attention with its consistent cup quality and cleanliness in processing. Cupping notes include a light honeyed aroma, low acidity and caramel sweetness. Viscous body and dry aftertaste with a bit more acidity on the finish make this the perfect cup to start your day. The acidity is present with citrus notes, but it doesn’t dominate the cup, but rather spice it up.