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Creme Brulee Almond Butter
Creme Brulee Almond Butter was inspired by the popularity of the Squirrel Brand's Creme Brulee Almonds. This all-natural almond butter starts with California almonds that are harvested at the peak of freshness and dry roasted. Once the natural oils are ready to be released, and while still warm, the almonds are ground into a silky paste and mixed with the Squirrel Brand's treasured spice blend to create the next level of indulgence. No gimmicks, just pure goodness.

Since 1888, The Squirrel Brand Co. has manufactured the ultimate nut. Squirrel Brand was born during the Industrial Revolution and has weathered two World Wars, the Great Depression and countless revolutions in the business world. Through it all, the company has remained steadfast in its commitment to produce the finest quality products for its consumers.

NOTE: Stir contents of jar prior to enjoying. Product is all-natural and oil might have separated.