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Tonewood Vermont Dark Robust - Maple Syrup
Tonewood is redefining a standard for elegance and quality in maple products. Through collaboration with expert sugarmakers, they produce pure maple syrups and other specialties. Their products are single-sourced, unblended, and free of additives.

They combine this standard for excellence with sleek design and forward-thinking sustainability practices to produce gourmet products. By funding climate research, local farming efforts, and sustainable forest stewardship, they seek to preserve maple production.

They committed to celebrating maple’s naturally sumptuous flavor and under-realized versatility. Their location in Mad River Valley, VT combines rich soil, southern facing slopes, and high elevation with ideal maple climate, allowing them to produce sap of unparalleled quality.

Mahogany tones and opulent flavor characterize Grade A: Dark Robust syrup. Made from the last sap of the season, this syrup provides a hearty maple flavor, ideal for cooking and baking. Recently, there has been increased appreciation for Dark Robust syrup’s dramatic taste, expanding its use to a more general food accompaniment.