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Size: 14 ounces
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Dorset Drum English Farmhouse Cheddar
It took us a while to find a signature cheddar that could live up to igourmet's standards, but while visiting the English countryside, we discovered a worthy candidate. This aptly named drum-shaped delight from Dorset sets a new standard for cheddar excellence. Perfectly aged, hand-dipped in a black wax and packaged in a decorative box, Dorset Drum makes an excellent gift. Exceptionally sweet and tangy, it tastes nothing like any mass-produced cheddar you have ever sampled. This quality product does come with a price, however. It is one of the most expensive cheddars for sale in America.
  • Voted 2005 President of Cheeses by our customers.
  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 14 oz. form of cheese.