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Felicetti Organic Farro Pasta
FARRO (SPELT) (Triticum Dicoccum): Spelt wheat was revered since ancient times and its popularity continues with all those who appreciate fine quality and delectable taste. A wheat that dates back to the ancient Romans; rich in vitamins, mineral salts and vegetable fiber. The Spelt used in these products is cultivated in selected fields in Umbria, Italy, where it was cultivated in ancient Roman times. Mixed with different sauces it is the perfect dish for the gourmet palate.

Since the founding in October 1908, four generations of Felicetti's have made pasta using exclusively ORGANIC agricultural methods, with no chemical fertilizers or sprays, using the natural resources of the Dolmites. To enhance the flavors of the Semolina, only pure water from the spring located at an altitude of 2,000 meters on Mount Latemar is used. All products are certified ORGANIC by Controllo Biologico and Agricoltura Biologica JAS. Also certified Kosher by OK Kosher.

Available in two shapes:

  • Varieties sold separately.
    • Organic Linguini Farro
    • Organic Fusilli Farro

    Out of Stock Varieties:Linguini