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Exotic Fruits for Cheese by the Fine Cheese Co.
Intense and highly concentrated, the Fine Cheese Co. calls their Fruit Purees "Caviar" for cheese as a little goes a long way. Serve these intense jams on the cheeseboard as an alternative to fresh fruit. Available in three artisan-made flavors:
  • Lime & Chili: The tang and fragrance of lime combined with cane sugar, and the tongue- tingling heat of chili pepper. Surprisingly delicious with creamy blues like Fourme d’Ambert or Stilton.
  • Papaya: This is a tropical fruit that is sweet, fragrant and buttery. Papaya puree is perfect partner for soft cheeses from a triple cream, to a Brie or a Vacherin Mont D’Or.
  • Guava: A Fancy Food New York 2013 Sofi Awards Finalist! The Guava puree has a sweet, musky aroma and rich, creamy fruit. A perfect partner for hard, intense cheeses from Cheddar to Manchego.

Varieties sold separately.