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Oli d'Arbeca Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The village of Arbeca provides the name for the famous Arbequina olive, since its expansion into Spain was through this small town in the region of Les Garrigues. Oli d’Arbeca Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an oil with the characteristics of the producing area, Les Garrigues. This first press, 100% Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best oil the village's milling cooperative releases each year, and one of the finest we've tasted at this price. The unique climate characteristics of this area give a distinguishing feature that can be perceived in the taste of the oil. Arbequina olives are small, pearl-sized olives, but carry an intense and fruity flavor within their small forms. The origin of Oli d’Arbeca goes back more than a century. During all this time has survived wars and hardship because it has always been supported by the strength of its partner farmers who have never ceased in its efforts to go forward regardless.