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Evora DOP
Evora is a museum-city in the Alentejo region, whose roots go back to Roman times, reaching its Golden Age in the 15th century when it became the residence of the Portuguese kings. Its uniqueness stems from its white-washed houses decorated with azulejos and wrought-iron balconies built from the 16th to 18th centuries.

For centuries Evora cheese has been part of the local diet. In the past it was preserved in olive oil inside large terracotta containers. Evora is made from raw whole sheep's milk which is filtered through a mesh lining after being in a salt brine solution. Aged over 60 days, Evora has a well formed crust and a yellow color that gets darker with contact with air. This D.O. cheese has a slightly peppery and piquant flavor that gets stronger as it matures. A rare cheese in the states, don't miss out on tasting one that has delighted the Portuguese for centuries.