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Crottin de Champcol
If you love a rich and creamy French goat's milk cheese, this button-shaped goat cheese is truly special. From Sancerre in the Loire region of France, Crottin de Champcol, a pasteurized version of Crottin de Chavignol AOC, has a natural rind which ranges from pale ivory to light brown. These color gradations demonstrate how the cheese tastes at every stage of its aging. After eight days of life, it is ready to be eaten, having a gentle, aromatic, yeasty taste and a fine, moist texture. At this point, Crottin weighs about 140g. After two weeks, the interior softens, the taste is nuttier and full bodied and it weighs in at 110g. After about 20 days, the cheese will change again into a fruitier, denser and creamier cheese. After five weeks, the cheese is dry and has really shrunk! The smell gets stronger and the cheese develops a meaty texture and a robust flavor. After four months, just grate off the rind that has formed. By this time the rind will be blue-gray and looks most like its literal translation, "horse droppings". At four months, the cheese will have reduced to a mere 40g. Crottin de Champcol is rich and varied at every stage and it is a pleasure to enjoy the complexities of this cheese. Crottin is very popular grilled, making the base of a chevre salad. This is also a great table cheese. Use this cheese differently according to its age, from baking to salads. It will never quite be the same, but will always be scrumptious.

  • Made from goat's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 2 oz. form of cheese.