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I Rossini Fine Italian Extra Fondenti Chocolates with Tartufo
Imported from Marche, Italy, these pralines are made of extra fine chocolate fondant with a hint of truffle. Taking their name from the black truffle laced dish, Tournedos Rossini, which was named after the famous composer Gioachino Rossini, who wrote The Barber of Seville among others. The fruit of the cocoa tree know as "Cabosse" has an oval shape and contains around fifty cocoa beans covered with a whitish pulp. Cabosse is ripe when it changes colors from yellow to violet or from orange to red. Bruco has been inspired from the fruit of the cocoa to obtain this new delicious praline with gianduja and cocoa beans grains covered with 70% dark chocolate. Intense and overwhelming, with the main flavor being very persistent cacao, hints of leather and dry fruit, lingering on the palate.