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Full Moon Grand Reserva Vinegar
Made with a blend of Pedro Ximenez sherry wines, this Full Moon Balsamic Dark Vinegar is extremely aromatic. Aged for 12 years in American Oak Barrels using the traditional system of Criaderas and Soleras, this blend of wine vinegar has been made especially to pair with the Full Moon Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oils, also by San Carlos. The area where the San Carlos farm is located is known as "The Baldios of San Carlos" since its beauty and micro-climate made Emperor Charles V choose this land to live in, out of his entire great empire. Today, the farm's family has been linked to agriculture since the seventeenth century. Pago Baldios San Carlos is the legacy of generations, an experience that can be seen in the care of the olives and grapes, as well as in the whole process of their olive oil and vinegar production.