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Hawaiian Kona Blend Whole Bean Coffee
A blend of Kona 100% Extra-Fancy and fine South American beans - rich tasting and smooth, medium-bodied with well-balanced flavor and acidity. Like a well-blended tea, Kona blends can be a great way to enjoy the deep, rich flavor of Kona coffee without the higher cost of a 100% pure Kona varietal. Harvest in the Kona Districts on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kona is famous throughout the world. The volcanic soil, high altitude, and perfect climate makes for some of the most flavorful beans on the market. But the small growing area for Kona (especially when compared to a producer like Brazil or Kenya), makes for a limited supply. By blending these flavor-packed beans, you can still enjoy the distinct flavor of Kona without breaking the bank. This dark roast coffee is perfect to start the day, or to cap off a weekend dinner party.

Whole Bean.