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Callipo 80g Tin Three Pack

We love keeping these small 80g tins on hand for a quick lunch, a salad topper, or to toss with pasta. This pack contains three 80 gram tins of Callipo Tuna Loin in olive oil. Handmade by a 100 year old family business in a fully modernized facility in southern Italy, this is the tuna to seek when you want it at its finest. Callipo starts with dolphin-safe Yellowfin tuna that are a sufficient size to assure the lowest possible presence of Mercury. Smaller fish that arrive at the factory are rejected. The fish are then cut, skinned, de-boned and steamed. An important note is that most processors add water to the meat after cooking to increase the weight for selling purposes. Callipo does the opposite. They dry as much water as possible to concentrate the wonderful flavor of the fish. The resulting product is then filleted and hand-inserted into glass jars. Finally, the tuna is ripened in olive oil for at least three months before sale, giving it enough time to absorb the wonderful flavors of 100% Italian olive oil. Serve it proudly, intact as a whole loin atop a plate of greens drizzled with a light dressing.

Callipo was founded in 1913 by Giacinto Callipo, the great-grandfather of the present company's President and owner, in Pizzo, a small city located in the heart of the Gulf of Sant'Eufemia, recognized for their fishing and production of tuna. The company was the first in Calabria and amongst the first in Italy to process the prestigious Mediterranean Tuna fish using the "fixed tonnare" system. Today, the company relies on tuna fished in the Pacific Ocean as stocks in the Mediterranean have dropped to critical levels.

Callipo tuna is unique because the raw fish are processed entirely in Italy, at their plant in Pizzo, and undergo a meticulous, laborious process. Most other tuna products with Italian-sounding names are processed in Vietnam or Ecuador, then perhaps canned or jarred in Italy, allowing the brand to claim "Packed in Italy" on its labels. Demanding Callipo brand tuna means you will get only the best the world has to offer.