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Bhutan Heriloom Red Rice by Lotus Foods
Bhutan is a country nestled in the eastern Himalayas. The Bhutanese treasure their natural environment as it is seen as a source of all life and the abode of the gods and spirits. Their red rice is an ancient, natural-colored bran, short-grain rice grown at 8,000 feet in the pristine Paro Valley of Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon. Irrigated with 1,000-year-old glacial water rich in trace minerals, this premium red rice has a rich, nutty, earthy flavor, soft texture, and beautiful red russet color. The people of Bhutan have been growing and enjoying red rice for centuries. Today, you can enjoy this heirloom rice in only 20 minutes. Bhutanese Red Rice is perfect for pilaf, stir-fry, salad, or steamed plain to accompany meat, fish, or vegetable entrées.