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Bath Ovals by Fine English Crackers for Cheese
Bath Ovals are all-butter, large, crisp, neutral biscuits for cheese. Sometimes known as "Bath Oliver Biscuits," after their creator, Dr William Oliver. He created these large, sugar-free biscuits for his patients who came to Bath, England to take in the spa waters in the 1750's. Originally these patients would receive a "bath bun," which was a sugary, butter pastry, but it was too rich for rheumatic patients. So thus was born the classic Bath Oliver Biscuit! The secret recipe nearly died with Dr William Oliver, but he confided the recipe to his coachman, who opened a bakery after the doctor's passing.

In their cheese shop based in Bath, England, The Fine Cheese Co. first began making their own premium line of crackers after wondering why there are so many great cheeses, and so few great crackers to go with them. To that end, they've developed their English line, a neutral selection of crackers that don't impose themselves on the cheeses.