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Oatcake Rounds by Fine English Crackers for Cheese

Oatcakes are English all-butter oat biscuits for cheese. Oats were the staple grain for the Scots, as well as a plentiful grain in Northern England, where wheat was hard to grow. Softer than wheat crackers and crumbly in texture, oatcakes were a favorite in many regions. This lead to the proliferation of many local styles of oatcakes from Staffordshire oatcakes to Scottish oatcakes to Lancashire oatcakes.

In their cheese shop based in Bath, England, The Fine Cheese Co. first began making their own premium line of crackers after wondering why there are so many great cheeses, and so few great crackers to go with them. To that end, they've developed their English line, a neutral selection of crackers that don't impose themselves on the cheeses.