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Campo Corto Toscano IGP Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This astounding, organically-produced, extra-virgin, unfiltered olive oil hails from Tuscany. Rich in early-harvested frantoio olives, Campo Corto is bold in character with an intense, grassy aroma with a hint of artichoke and aromatic herbs, and a peppery finish that is truly incredible on the taste buds. The olives are grown in the Chianti hills of Badia a Coltibuono's medieval home, handpicked, and processed the same day they are harvested. Enjoy this robust, rustic, extra-virgin olive oil on roasted meats, pork, hearty sausage, salami, prosciutto, and fettunta-- or make a bruschetta of freshly oiled and grilled country bread. Campo Corto is Coltibuono's oil "con brio" - with Tuscan backbone.