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Pecorino Romano PDO by Pastori Nurri
The first recorded description of Pecorino Romano dates back to the 1st Century AD, when the agronomist Lucius Moderatus Columella described how to make Pecorino Romano in his "De Re Rustic". We also know that one ounce of Pecorino Romano was part of the ancient Roman legionaries daily rations.

Pastori Nurri's Pecorino Romano is aged for 11 months. It possesses an assertive saltiness that does not overpower the persuasive nutty aromas and rustic buttery sweetness of the sheep's milk. Its texture is rather crumbly, with a straw-yellow color that becomes more amber upon further aging. The mouthfeel is balanced, fresh and clean, with a persistent floral and herbaceous aftertaste. This Pecorino Romano beckons to be sprinkled over dishes of fava beans, pasta, rice or barley.

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