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Organic Argan Oil by Mustapha's Mediterranean
The Argan tree, which only grows in southwestern Morocco, is believed to date back 25 million years. Now endangered and under the protection of the United Nations, the Argan tree flourishes in sandy soil at the edge of the Sahara Desert. In fact, the preservation of this tree, with its deep root system, is vital to protect against erosion.

This unblended, 100% Pure Argan oil, taken from this tree's hard-shelled nuts, has a rich, earthy flavor unlike any other oil. It is lighter in weight than other nut and olive oils, having a weight and body similar to seed oils like sesame. This however, is where the similarity ends. The aroma hits you as soon as you open the bottle, and its flavor is as big and bold as the aroma. It opens with a hint of nuttiness, and this expands to toastiness and spice-- something akin to pumpkin seeds but more pungent. It provides an oh-so-light, buttery mouth feel, and a sharp finish. It is truly a memorable flavor, and essential to the Berber cuisine of southwest Morocco.

Argan oil is excellent for bringing light, nutty flavor to many foods. Argan Oil is used most often as a finishing oil drizzled over grilled fish or chicken, couscous, and simple vegetables. Combined with lemon juice, Argan oil also makes an excellent salad dressing. Delicious in soups or over grilled Halloumi cheese. Try it drizzled over ice cream for a light but decadent dessert.