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Green Bella di Cerignola Olives in Glass Jar
Imported from Apulia, in Southern Italy, Cerignolas are the largest olives in the world. Named after the town of Cerignola in the Foggia province, these olives have long been prized by gourmands. Cerignolas have a fruity, mild, clean taste, but their most impressive feature is their size and resulting meatiness. Biting into a Cerignola is almost like biting into a plum. Deep jade green in color, serve them as an appetizer with cocktails. These green Cerignolas are naturally ripened on the tree, giving them a firm bite and perfect texture without mushiness. Our favorite way of enjoying Cerignolas is to toss them in olive oil and serve with a scattering of sliced basil strips. These olives come packaged beautifully in a keepsake Italian glass jar with mini-handles on either side.

Contains pits.