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Manzanilla Olives by La Masrojana
Famous in Europe and beyond, the Manzanilla olive a Southern Spanish jewel. Manzanilla olives have great qualities, as both a table olive or part of a larger recipe or sauce. As with all the products of La Masrojana, they are produced following the traditional systems of olive growth and harvest used in the Southern part of Spain. Later, La Masrojana classify manzanilla olives depending on their size and bottle them. The farmers start the olive harvesting task at the end of September or at the beginning of October.

Once the olives are in La Masrojana's facilities, they select them depending on their size and color. La Masrojana only uses the olives that have reached the peak of ripeness. Any olive that does not fulfill the quality requirements is not accepted. Then they put the olives in large earthenware jars and macerate them with salt, water and aromatic herbs. This process is controlled every week. After a few months, the olives are ready to bottle. La Masrojana bottle their products by hand. To give you some recipe ideas, Manzanilla olive can be used to dress salads, for appetizers, or even to have with breakfast. The typical Catalan snack consists of smearing tomatoes with bread, then serving it with sausage and olives.