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Organic Lucky Dragon Hyson Green Tea
This organic tea comes from the Anhui Province of China, where it is traditionally harvested and not fermented. Organic "Lucky Dragon" hyson brews a bold and full flavored cup, with hints of pine on the finish. After picking, the leaves are twisted into curling strands that unfurl when brewed in hot water, like a dragon’s writhing body. This is an excellent example of savory China green tea, as it is a "young Hyson," which is the top quality for this tea. There are cheaper versions, made from older leaves, which have a coarser flavor. Interestingly enough, the affordable nature of these late season hysons made them very popular as an export in centuries past. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Hyson was one of the most popular teas on the market, prized for its warm character, bright cup and overall invigorating disposition. As well as gracing the tables and tea sets of those who had an appreciation for the finer things the East had to offer, Hyson inspired the work of many poets and writers of the period.