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Organic Cameroon BOYO Whole Bean Coffee
Hidden in the valleys of seemingly endless hills and volcanic peaks of Cameroon West Africa, lies a group of villages that comprise the Boyo region where BOYO Coffee was born. This is the same cultivar as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, just grown in Cameroon. The nutrient-rich, dark, volcanic top-soil and the ideal climatic conditions of the region create the striking characteristics of BOYO. Each year, the coffee plant blossoming coincides with the first rains, which bring additional nutrients from the upper slopes of the mountains, further nourishing the plants in this critical berry development period.

As the berries start to ripen, the dry season begins, and in the brilliant sunshine the berries quickly attain an optimal sugar content-- the secret of BOYO coffee's distinct flavor.

BOYO coffees undergo a unique, intense, all-natural cultivating, harvesting and selection process. The organically- grown crops are grown alongside complimentary plants like avocados, plantains, cassava, beans, and other vegetables and sufficiently spread out so each coffee tree grows in its own micro-eco system. While this results in a lower yield, it minimizes cross-infection of coffee plants and controls weeds and insects without using herbicides and pesticides. To further enrich the soil, after de-pulping the coffee berries, the pulp is mixed around each coffee plant. Farming families then facilitate the hulling, polishing, and grading of their beans, and hand-pick the very best. These are the beans that bear the Cameroon BOYO label and are responsible for the flavorful experience.

Medium Roast.