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Helmut Sachers Viennese Blend Coffee - Ground
From the 15th-19th centuries, the Austrian Habsburg and Turkish Ottoman Empires competed for dominance in Europe. In 1683, the Ottomans besieged Vienna, the Habsburg capital. The Viennese sent Georg Kolschitzky to the Habsburg troops who forced an Ottoman retreat. When asked to name his reward, Kolschitzky requested bags of strange beans the Turks had abandoned. Kolschitzky had traveled in the East and knew that these were coffee beans. And so the "Blue Bottle" opened, Vienna's first coffee house. Today, there are over 2,000 coffee houses in Vienna.

Helmut Sachers Kaffee was established in Vienna in 1929. Family owned, Helmut Sachers has become synonymous with the art of making excellent coffee. Their Viennese blend is made from specially selected high grown Arabica beans. This Viennese roast is a a degree of roast slightly darker than the traditional American norm, but lighter than espresso, French, or Italian roasts. A full aroma and a fine flavor make this ideal for serving to friends after an elegant meal or just reliving one of the essential flavors of Vienna with a Sacher Torte.

  • Ground Coffee.