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Spicy Gordal Olives by La Masrojana
The gordal olive is another jewel that comes from the traditional Andalucian countryside. Much larger than the arbequnio or manzanilla, the gordal is tasty, meaty and it needs a dash of hot chile pepper to get its maximum flavor potential. La Masrojana gives the Southern olive Queen a personal and spicy touch. Not too spicy, but just a gentle tremor of heat in each bite. This is a big-sized and a little-spicy olive that can be used in appetizers and served with different drinks.

Once the olives are in La Masrojana's facilities, they select them depending on their size and color. La Masrojana only uses the olives that have reached the peak of ripeness. Any olive that does not fulfill the quality requirements is not accepted. Then they put the olives in large earthenware jars and macerate them with salt, water and aromatic herbs. This process is controlled every week. After a few months, the olives are ready to bottle. La Masrojana bottle their products by hand. To give you some recipe ideas, Manzanilla olive can be used to dress salads, for appetizers, or even to have with breakfast. The typical Catalan snack consists of smearing tomatoes with bread, then serving it with sausage and olives.