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Escargot - Wild Burgundy Petit - 48
Wild Burgundy Snails, a timeless French delicacy, are finally available to gourmands in the United States. Their manufacturer, Henri Marie, has been satisfying the most discriminating palates in France since 1938. Served in the world's finest French restaurants, these are the escargot reserved for dignitaries, movie stars, and the like.

As with all gastronomic delicacies, escargots exhibit varying levels of quality. Henri Marie's snails maintain an unwavering reputation for incomparable products. Their formula is quite simple. They begin with authentic Burgundy snails (Hélix Pomatia Linne), found only in the wild in southeastern France. They are then hand-sorted by size, washed, and cooked in an aromatic bouillon according to the same ancestral standards used in 1894.

There are 116 types of edible snails, and the Helix Pomatia Linne is the unanimously proclaimed champion in terms of flavor and texture. Nicknamed the "Land Lobster", it exhibits a similar texture to lobster, with an earthier flavor. These escargots are 100% natural, low-carb (Atkin's friendly), and very nutritious. This tin of "Petit" size escargot contains 48 snails. They are the perfect size for cooking into a soup or aspic.