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Amarene Cherries in Dark Chocolate by Christopher Norman - 7 oz.
Wild Italian cherries are hand coated in dark chocolate then enrobed in a shell of bittersweet couverture. The result is a confection both sweet, and tart, satisfying whatever mood you are in.

Christopher Norman Chocolates is founded in 1994. John Down, the Chief Chocolate Officer, uses his distinguished background in painting and the arts, to create a unique artistic quality in the taste and feel of all his chocolates. Distinctive boxed collections, hand painted & sculptural truffles, and innovative flavors are all essential elements in Christopher Norman Chocolates. It is their mission to create extraordinarily luscious and sensory-provoking confections that encompass the quintessentially classic flavors, as well as unique and fresh taste experiences. Only the finest all-natural ingredients are used in their truffles and chocolates. Each piece is made by hand, at their New York City factory.