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Italian Speck by Parmacotto - Sliced
Hailing from Northern Italy, Parmacotto's Speck is a flavorsome and aromatic cured meat thanks to the juniper, laurel and rosemary seasoning. The lengthy and quite unique maturing process adds notes of nuts and porcini mushrooms to the meat's flavor. Speck is made exclusively with the best and leanest legs of pork (during the smoking process that fat content would not only tend to become too strong, but also turn rancid), from recognized and monitored breeders. The secret of this product is the result of the knowledge and traditions of cured-meat experts from Alto Adige, which is based on three golden rules: limited use of salt (the salt content of the finished product must not exceed 5%), modest smoking, and restricted air-flow.

The resulting flavor is simply unique. And that is why Speck produced in compliance with this manufacturing procedure boasts an PGI certificate (Protected Geographic Indication), providing the consumer with the certainty of a product which is not only representative of an entire mountain community but which can, above all, be considered the backbone of Tyrol cuisine.