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Tonewood Three Grade Maple Syrup Collection in Gift Box
The Tonewood Grade Collection, which represents the range of color and flavor intensity available in maple syrups, is packaged together in a gift set accompanied by a detailed description of the grades as well as select recipes. Provide a friend or work associate a chance to enjoy exploring the distinctive qualities of each grade as they complement and enhance one's gourmet experience.

This collection includes 250 ml/8.4 oz bottles of Golden Delicate, Amber Rich, and Dark Robust syrups and showcases the versatility of maple syrup.

Few things are as imbedded in North American history as maple production. Native Americans were harvesting maple sap and converting it to sugar long before Europeans arrived on the continent. Unique to the northeastern United States and part of Canada, Maple trees are the world’s only self-sustaining crop. They do not deplete the soil; they do not require chemicals, pesticides, cutting, or harvesting. As a result, maple production is environmentally-friendly, organic, and sustainable.

Maple syrup’s benefits extend beyond its great taste. Maple products contain 20 unique health promoting compounds including disease fighting anti-oxidants, minerals, and phenolic compounds. Loaded with nutrients, including manganese, iron, calcium, zinc, and potassium, maple is being hailed as a superfood, capable of preventing and fighting diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Maple products are also fat free and contain fewer calories than other sweetening alternatives, including honey, corn syrup, and refined sugars. Since maple syrup and maple sugar can be used as direct substitutes for these other sweetening methods, a simple adjustment can turn your most decadent recipe into a guiltless indulgence.

Recent studies acknowledge the terroir, or "taste of place," of maple syrup. Simply, just as wine varies in taste depending on where the grapes were grown, maple products vary in taste depending on where the maple trees are rooted. To produce superior maple syrup requires the ideal climate, growing conditions, topography, and geography.

Tonewood's location in Mad River Valley, VT combines rich soil, southern facing slopes, and high elevation with ideal maple climate, allowing them to produce sap of unparalleled quality.

Tonewood's artisan sugarmakers use refined harvesting and crafting techniques to transform their sap into pure maple syrup with exquisite clarity, color, density, and flavor. Their artisan approach is outlined below:

  • 1. In early spring, warm days and freezing nights mark the brief maple harvesting season.
  • 2. In preparation for the harvesting season, sugarmakers drill small holes and insert taps to allow for sap to run out of the trees.
  • 3. As warm weather thaws the trees’ sap reserves, excess sap runs through the taps and is collected.
  • 4. Sugarmakers carefully boil the sap over a fire, concentrating watery sap to less than 3% of its original volume to produce the thick, rich syrup.
  • 5. Through a refined straining process, sugarmakers remove any impurities from the syrup.
  • 6. Syrup is sealed into our distinctive glass bottles to preserve freshness, taste, and purity as it makes its way from our producers to your home.
  • This collection includes four 250 ml/8.4 oz bottles of fancy, medium amber, dark amber, and grade B syrups and showcases the versatility of maple syrup.