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Simple Syrup Cocktail Mixers by Woodford Reserve
Made from a raw Demerara sugar, the unique taste of this simple syrup is perfect in cocktails, coffee, and other drinks. Plus, these are the perfect mixers to have on hand for the Kentucky Derby or any other race day! Available in three flavors:
  • Mint Julep Simple Syrup: This is a rich simple syrup made with raw sugar that has been flavored with spearmint extract.
  • Bourbon Vanilla Simple Syrup: This rich and thick simple syrup has notes of caramel and vanilla. Bourbon Vanilla Simple Syrup is made from a raw Demerara sugar and flavored with Madagascar vanilla beans.
  • Bourbon Smoked Simple Syrup: A unique mixer, this syrup is made from Bourbon Smoked Sugar. This raw sugar has been smoked with bourbon barrel staves. It has sweet caramel flavors and the richness of smoked oak.
  • Varieties sold separately.

  • Out of Stock Varieties:Bourbon Vanilla, Bourbon Smoked