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Cuatro Hermanos Organic Fair Trade Coffee
Spreading along the high Sierras of southern Chiapas between 1600-1800 meters, the farms of Augusto Sanchez Espinoza and his three brothers overlook the Biosforo Triunfo Tropical Reserve, home to many of Chiapas' endangered plants and animals. The Cuatro Hermanos (Four Brothers) take great pride in their stewardship of this land, and produce what we think is the finest coffee available from their fair trade coop, Ramal Santa Cruz. The coffee is extraordinarily sweet, smooth, full bodied with thick caramel, and charmingly acidic. It is the finest Mexican coffee we have found in recent memory. Along with being a delicious cup of coffee, Dean’s Beans sources Organic and Fair Trade coffee from small independent farmers to help their families and the local economy. This is especially important in Latin America, where there is a major coffee pricing pricing crisis, which is pushing out small growers.

Whole Bean.