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Wine Finishing Sauce by Buckhead Gourmet
Enjoy the Magnificent flavors of Black Truffles, Fine Wines, and Wild Mushrooms from Buckhead Gourmet's Wine Sauce Collection. Just heat and serve-- allow these sauces to capture your taste buds with their intensity and rich finish. You may use these sauces as a finishing sauce (heat and serve), or as an added ingredient to your favorite recipe. You will have a hard time believing that you are indulging in a Fat Free product. Of course, these classic sauces were developed for fine cuts of meats and poultries, but don't stop there! Be creative and introduce a little Wine and Black Truffle flavor to casseroles, stews, or crock pot recipes. Enjoy.
  • Sauce Bordeaux: As its name implies, Classic French Red Wine Sauce is also known as Sauce Bordelaise. It is hearty and robust in flavor with a hint of Black Truffles on the finish. Enhances all meat dishes without overpowering the natural flavors.
  • Sauce Marsala: This classic is prepared with Marsala Wine, Porcini Mushrooms and Black Truffles. Veal or Chicken Marsala has never been easier to prepare.
  • Sauce Peppercorn: Buckhead's version of this peppery sauce is the European style prepared with Brandy, Sour Cream, Whole Green Peppercorns and Black Truffles. From Pork Roast to Filet Mignons, a classic with any meat dish.
  • Sauce Madeira: A delicate brown sauce prepared with Madeira Wine. Because of the addition of Black Truffles, their sauce compares to the Classic French Sauce Perigueux, the traditional Dordogne regional sauce served with Beef Wellington.
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