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It is said that Coulommiers (pronounced "KOO-lohm-yay")is the ancestor of all Brie cheeses. That would be an amazing heritage given the immense, worldwide popularity of this genre of cheese. Coulommiers, named after the town of the same name, is a soft-ripened cheese made from rich cow's milk. Beneath its bloomy, edible white rind, it has an extra-rich, creamy body. Not for those who are counting calories, Coulommiers has an allure you will find irresistible. Don't blame us for those midnight trips to the fridge!
  • Best when eaten at room temperature.
  • Best enjoyed within seven days of delivery.
  • Produced in the rich pastures of Normandy.
  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 14 oz. form of cheese.