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Beemster Vlaskaas
The geographical region encompassing the former country of Flanders contains two Belgian provinces, present-day Nord (France), and the southern part of Zeeland (Holland) known as Zeeuws-Vlaanderen ("Sealandic Flanders"). This area is very well known for flax, a useful flowering plant that grows wild throughout Europe, but is especially abundant in Flanders. Famous throughout history, flax was used by the ancient Egyptian and Roman civilizations to make paper and linen. Today it is still used to make linseed oil and printing ink.

The recipe for this cheese from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen dates back many centuries. Its name means "Flax Cheese", owing not to an ingredient but to the plant that dominates the local countryside. Still made in an old-fashioned manner, in the Middle Ages it was quite popular and always served at the annual oogstfeest (Flemish harvest festival). Similar to Gouda but richer, creamier and deeper yellow in color, Vlaskaas' purple rind distinguishes it from all other cheeses.

Gold medal winner at the 2004 World Championship Cheese Contest.

  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.