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Chocolate Cherry Temptation by Celebrity Chevre (4.5 oz)
A decadent and luxurious addition to the Celebrity family of goat cheeses, the Chocolaty Cherry Temptation features a combination of sweet chocolate and tart cherries in this delectable treat. Fresh goat cheese is infused with these classic flavors, and then rolled in a combination of dark chocolate bits and dried cherries for added texture. The cheese won awards at both The Royal 2012 and the British Empire Cheese Competition in Canada. Try with a crisp Riesling or a malty and fruity Weizenbock.

Made in Canada using the premier milk of soybean-fed goats, Celebrity has created a sensation with its innovative line of Goat Cheese flavors. Celebrity cheese are made in Ontario, from 100% pure goat's milk from the region. Sea salt is added to the product, which is beneficial for the health conscious person or vegetarian, as it contains no iodine. For persons with lactose intolerance, goat cheese is a healthy alternative to cow's milk cheese products. Goats are fed roasted soybeans, which are higher in protein and energy, plus corn-fed from products produced on the farmstead.