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Tortas de Aceite by Ines Rosales
Sweet Olive Oil Biscuits from Spain have been made in a small village near Seville since 1915. Local women flattened each torta by hand and, after baking, wrapped each one in wax paper. Today, the plant is modern, but located in the same village. Local women still flatten the tortas by hand, and they still hand wrap each torta in wax paper.

Everyone loves Tortas de Aceite by Ines Rosales! They are so light, delicate, and crisp. Slightly sweet with a gentle flavor of olive oil and a hint of anise. They are great with triple-crème cheeses, tea, and coffee. Enjoy them for breakfast, as a mid-day snack, or anytime during the day. Theses tortas are all-natural and made with the finest ingredients.

In 1910, a woman named Ines Rosales began making olive oil tortas (tortas de aceite) by hand and selling them at the train station in Seville, Spain. Soon, she could not keep up with the demand, so she employed the women of the local village to assist her in producing these delicate and crisp treats. She used local ingredients, including extra virgin olive oil and unbleached wheat flour. In a short period of time, this Andalusian specialty became known and enjoyed throughout Spain. Six Tortas per pack.

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