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Greek Olive Oil Soap by Papoutsanis
Mediterranean people have long known about the moisturizing properties of olive oil. The Greeks used to bathe in it! In the 13th century, soap-making became a trade, and Greece and France became the earliest soap-making centers. Their plentiful supplies of olive oil allowed them to produce the first soaps. The use of olive oil in soap-making remained the basic ingredient for the next 4 to 5 centuries.

Despite a strong sun, there is a low incidence of skin cancer among Mediterranean people. Olive oil has a well-known anti-oxidant effect that has brought it international acclaim for skin care. Skin and hair cleansed with olive oil soap retains moisture, resilience, suppleness and brightness. This creamy soap will keep you clean and refreshed all day. This bar of soap is made from 100% Greek olive oil. The color may vary slightly, as it would with any olive oil harvest, as it contains no artificial colors or perfumes. The ingredients are simple and pure: saponified olive oil, water, salt, and citric acid to balance the pH.