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Epoisses AOP by Berthaut
Made in a tiny town in the Burgundy region of France, Epoisses by Berthaut is one of the great cheeses of the world. It is a name-controlled cheese that has a very pungent aroma and rich, creamy interior. Each cheese is covered in an edible reddish-brown coating, and underneath that, a creamy, white interior with a delightfully daunting aroma that comes straight from the farm. This handcrafted cheese is first washed in brine, then cured in humid cellars for four weeks. After this brief aging period, the rind is rinsed with Marc de Bourgogne, a liqueur that is a by-product of the local wine industry. Please beware: Epoisses is so stinky that it is banned on public transportation in France-- a country usually tolerant of such aromas. This aroma will prevail in the box on arrival, so don't be alarmed.
  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 8.8 ounce form of cheese.
  • Best enjoyed within seven days of delivery.