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Cows Creamery Butter from Prince Edward Island
A premium butter from Cow's Creamery on Prince Edward Island with 84% butter fat versus 80% of regular butters. Made by churning cream slower and longer in traditional churns gives the butter a creamier taste and silkier texture. The salt variety is made with pure sea salt for a premium, natural taste. Cows Creamery began to make ice cream in 1983 with an old-fashioned recipe that originated in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. In fact, the secret Cows recipe dates back to the time of the novel Anne of Green Gables and contains the same all-natural ingredients that were enjoyed by the children of Avonlea. In a very short time the demand for Cows Creamery products increased dramatically and expanded to include butter and cheese. Now, Cows Creamery quickly became a Prince Edward Island symbol as identifiable as Anne herself! Despite the growth that Cows Creamery has experienced, the same old-fashioned ingredients are still used today