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Boschetto al Tartufo Stagionato
Boschetto al Tartufo Bianchetto is about as amazing as a cheese gets. Our friends at Il Forteto, in Mugello, have now created another outstanding version, aged for four months. Instead of a blend of sheep and cow milk, Stagionato is made from pure sheep's milk. The master cheese maker at Il Forteto has still maintained a precious harmony between the pronounced, pungent taste of the extremely scarce (and expensive) white truffle and pure sheep's milk. The scent and flavor will still bowl you over with delight. The base is firmer and drier, so it's easier to add a dash of truffle flavor to your favorite dishes. If you love our original Boschetto as much as we do, the Stagionato version is a must-try.
  • Made from pasteurized sheep's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 4 lb. form of cheese.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.