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Cabernet Verjus by Boulou
Verjus (or Verjuice) originated in Roman times and was a staple of Parisian kitchens during the 14th and 15th centuries. Made from the juice of unfermented grapes, use it as a gentle acidulant wherever you might use regular wine vinegar too tart - which means whenever you want the gentlest bite of flavor.

Cabernet Verjus, with its beautiful rosy hue and distinctly fruity flavor, still retains the acidic balance which is the signature of cooking with verjus. It is ideal for dessert, especially as a sabayon for grilled figs, but has enough flavor for use in a whole range of dishes: salad dressings, deglazing the pan when cooking fish and chicken, or for poaching dried fruit to serve with a glossy dollop of mascarpone!