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Venchi Cuor di Cacao Chocolate Bar - 45gr.
Venchi's beautifully-wrapped chocolates make a wonderful stocking stuffer or the perfect addition to igourmet's "Create Your Own Gift Basket". Cuor di Cacao chocolate bars are made with rich dark chocolate of a Central and South American blend with a very low acidity. These exceptional chocolates from the Piedmont region of Italy will please any chocolate connoisseur.

Varieties sold separately.

Out of Stock Varieties:75% Bittersweet Dark (Back in stock on 11/21/2015) , 85% Bitter Dark (Back in stock on 11/21/2015) , Milk (Back in stock on 11/21/2015) , 60% Dark with Peppermint, White (Back in stock on 11/21/2015) , 75% Blend No. 5