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Mother In Laws Kimchi
Mother-in-Law's Kimchi [MILKimchi] is a raw, unpasteurized fermented food. It grew out of a labor of love to share a delicious, artisanal kimchi. As an avid food and wine lover, founder, Lauryn Chun, was inspired to recreate the same kimchi from her mother’s beloved restaurant in California. The original, "House Style" MILKimchi recipe hails from the 22 year-old restaurant, Jang Mo Gip [translates into mother-in-law's house], founded in 1989 by Lauryn’s mom, in Garden Grove, California. Natural fermentation makes it a healthy probiotic food that is good for your digestion.

Like any kimchi, this is a fermented product, meaning that the jar contains live active cultures. Because of the natural fermentation process, kimchi has a potent smell and you might even notice excess pressure in the jar due to the gasses released during fermentation. This is a normal signal that lactic acid is being produced by beneficial microorganisms, and not a sign of spoilage. Please carefully open the jar over your sink because the pressure in the jar might push out the brine upon opening.

  • Muu Daikon Radish: Muu Daikon Radish Kimchi is made using fresh daikon radishes mixed with their special selection of chile peppers and all natural ingredients. Fermented to the ideal point where it maintains a pleasant crunch coupled with a complex chile punch, it makes an ideal complement to grilled meats, noodles, or rice.
  • White Napa Cabbage: This mild, vegan kimchi is crisp, delicate and effervescent like a glass of Champagne. With no spice, the delicious taste of pickled umami flavors shines through.
  • House Napa Cabbage: Napa Cabbage Kimchi is handmade using napa cabbage, the finest chile peppers, natural ingredients and no preservatives. Spiced with an authentic recipe of specially selected chile peppers, the kimchi has natural depths of flavor that combine spicy complexity and savoriness.
  • Vegan Napa Cabbage: Vegan Napa Cabbage has all the punch of spice, flavor and zest of the Napa Cabbage Kimchi, but is made without any shellfish in an all vegan recipe.
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