Lemon Cheesecake - 9 inch (Serves 8-10): Buy Lemon Cheesecake - 9 inch (Serves 8-10) Online at igourmet.com

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Lemon Cheesecake - 9 inch (Serves 8-10)
Indulge with this handmade, fresh, rich made-to-order cheesecake. From a top Southern family-owned bakery, igourmet brings you your choice of cheesescakes. They are not only beautifully presented, but the taste is simply unforgettable!

With a splash of fresh squeezed lemons in this light, rich cheesecake mixture, your mind will wander to the tropics. This Lemon Cheesecake is prepared using real cream and farm fresh butter, with a refreshingly zesty flavor of lemons. Skillfully made with a fresh vanilla wafer cookie crust.

  • Gerald's Heavenly Dessert Cheesescakes will ship separately from the rest of your order and cost $25 per order. These cheesecakes are shipped frozen and travel 2 days in transit. Please note, these are made to order and, therefore, your first available ship date will be 2 business days from your order date.

  • This item is not available for inclusion in a "Create Your Own Gift Basket" (item G151) or a "Custom Cheese Board Gift Set" (item C151).